Hester van Tongerlo

Playhouse '71 -'17:

June 9, 2017, 20:00 to 20 August 2017 At van bommel van dam museum te Venlo.

What do a car mechanic, yoga teacher, journalist and tattooer have in common? They all participate in Playhouse '71 -'17 :. At least when it comes to guest curator Sjors Bindels (Venlo, 1991), because it's especially about opening the Museum of Bommel of Dam as a vibrant cultural center. The museum must feel like a comfortable living room in which everyone feels at home. The presentation of the work of especially young regional artists has to strengthen that feeling and not interfere. Playhouse '71 -'17: is open from Friday 9 June to Sunday 20 August.

Playhouse '71 -'17:

With the title, Bindels refers to the function that the museum is supposed to have: a safe playground where everyone can do his thing, can experiment and discover. The young guest curator thus plays a role in the actuality of the museum, which recently launched a new, more open direction with a price document. With the years, Bindels wants to finish a period but also evaluate and learn. As a guest to the rich museum pasture, the exhibition space is reduced to its original open form. This creates one big playing field in which the spectator can experience the museum and the art in a new way.

Artists and program

Bindels selected eleven powerful pieces for the exhibition from the museum collection. These are combined with the work of promising artists with roots in Venlo and surroundings: Krista Smulders, Sen Doesborgh, Linda Lenssen, Marleen Verber, Remi Custers, Reinier Vrancken, Hester van Tongerlo, Jeroen Duijf, Renée Verberne, Michiel Ubels and Atelier Haven.

An important part of the exhibition is the unusual program for engine maintenance, tattoo and schmink workshop. The Venlose community can add activities to it: choir rehearsals, yoga classes, TV shows, community council meetings. Be welcome!


My work 100 Milliampère was shown during Kunstour Maastricht 2017. (2 till 4 July) 

In her performative video art, Hester van Tongerlo explores her limits. 100 milliampère questions to what extent physical limitations are related to social context. in association with Videopower.


During the Tilburg Culture night (29-10-2016) presents SEA foundation next work of a promising local artists also art of Tilburg soil. The cinematic project Slow Movie, 2016 Tilburg artists Kim Pattiruhu and Betonmolen is a brand new compilation of the relationship between man and nature, between the industry and the countryside. The work is shown on a large screen in the exhibition Hester Tongerlo which the initial state of which it has developed exhibition "Copy Paste" shows on the night of cultural evening. Hester van Tongerlo born in 1991, studied at the Art Academy Maastricht, where she graduated in 2015. Hester van Tongerlo asks questions in her work, about how identity is created and how you determined this yourself as a human being. Through its experimental method and using himself as a test subject, she experiments with this subject.


On Friday September 2, the Stedelijk Museum opens its doors for a one-off Bring Your Own Beamer (BYOB) exhibition. 

For this event, many artists, designers and other creatives – and their beamers – were invited to project their work on the blank walls of the Teijin Auditorium. BYOB is an international concept initiated by internet artist Rafaël Rozendaal, which allows artists to fill a space with projections for one night. Everything is permitted, as long as it is projected: from video art, VJ sets and Kinect systems to slideshows and home videos. This 360⁰ exhibition will be on display from 8.15 pm. The evening will include a conversation in the Audi gallery with Rafaël Rozendaal.

PARTICIPATING ARTISTS Alina Ozerova | Anastasia Afonina | Anika Schwarzlose | Anouk Kruithof | Bomi Kim | Damon Zucconi | Ewoudt Boonstra| Re-Collective: Eline Kersten & Renan Schulze | Father FutureBack | Hester van Tongerlo | The Holls Collective | Hugo Rocci | Inge Meijer | Jan Robert Leegte | John Weilacher | Josje Hattink | Kamiel Rongen | Karim Adduchi | Kiki Nickel | Kistina Benjocki | Margaret Haines | Marie van Vollenhoven | Mylou Oord | Merel Theloesen | Nicole Martens | Omri Bigetz | Patricia Ribas | Peter Luining | Saskia Burggraaf | Shahib Sidow en Marie van Vollenhoven | The Rodina | Victorine van Alphen | Video Power | Wyne Veen



Destination unknown is a non-profit organization that creates a platform for young artists. The locations we offer are of temporal vacancy; waiting to be reclaimed by new owners or waiting to be demolished. We create oppertunities to fill these vacancies with the creative site specific ideas and/or interventions of young artists reacting to the surrounding neighbourhood/environment that the location offers.

The opening of the first exhibition at 22 July 2016 of Destination Unknown in Tilburg! Come and see the result of roughly a month worth of work on site and experience how domestic spaces, now stripped of that title, can function as quite an interesting setting for young artist's work. As always: free entrance! Music's free too. Drinks will be available for a small fee.
More information about Destination unknown

We love to introduce our Participants for Tilburg. 

Eva Hoonhout
Kim Reijntjens
Anke Huntjens
Dina Dresssen
Malou Engbers
Katrein Breukers
Danni van amstel
Gladys Zeevaarders
Eleye Boerenkamps
Eef Schoolmeesters


On the night of 15th of April from 20:00 - 24:00 artists and designers are welcome to bring their own projector and show their work on the walls of the post academic institute Van Eyck during the first Maastricht edition of Bring Your Own Beamer.

The Van Eyck organizes this one-night-art event in collaboration with Video Power – the platform that fuels the creative production of moving images in the Euregion – presenting this worldwide phenomenon in the framework of the first Museum night held in the city of Maastricht.



The Academiegalerie presented OURYOURTHEIRMYSPACE, an exhibition in the series Apprentice/Master, initiated by Kunstpodium T, Tilburg. (30-01-2015 till 14-02-2015)

My, Your, Personal, Private, Outer, Inner, Physical, Mental, Vistual Space. How do we, as human beings, live in today's world where space is both limited and limitless, abstract yet real? Does space exist or are we living in a No-Man's land? Are we living or just surviving? Five artists from different backgrounds and positions come together to investigate this most fundamental, yet at times overwhelming, aspect of our lives.

Anno Dijkstra | Amsterdam

Joshua Joyce | Dublin

Fiona | Limerick

Hester van Tongerlo | Maastricht

Marieke Verberne | Tilburg

Selfmade Landscape



When people were shorter and lived near the water

  • Workshop of 3 days in Huisduinen/Den Helder, The Netherlands. Under the guidance of Paul Devens. The work I made is also shown at the Kunsthal45 in Den Helder (14-12-2014 till 15-03-2015).


Transporting material into my atelier



Studio tryouts                  

This is where we should start feeling at home

company of a variety of artists, both beginning and graduated, present the first edition of THIS IS WHERE WE SHOULD START FEELING AT HOME - MUSKETRUWE.

The exposition will be held in a couple of subordinated houses which are scheduled to be demolished soon. With this exposition we will assign the buildings for one last time to the purpose of making us feel at home in our own indiviual ways.

...This edition will hopefully be only the beginning of a returning event that will have it's aim on vacant buildings, deprived of their initial porposes, that will house the artists as they will move between these always changing locations and start feeling at home in every one of them.

This very edition will house the work of 15 different artists who have been working there since the end of february.



Gravtiy makes first move into my work

Early work