In my work, I’m trying to understand mankind. There are many things we copy or we just use or accept and never ask ourself why we do it in a certain way. We live in a world that is created by opinions from our surroundings. I believe that we, as humans, are a reflection of our environment. The human has a copying behavior instead of rediscover behavior. We prefer to use things from people we trust, instead of doubting their experiences and re-experience them. This is the core of my work and what inspires me.

When we were kids,our surrounding(parents, teachers etc.) were telling a lot about what we can and can’t do and we saved this information in our brains. But is this really true, are the boundaries that our surrounding have been teaching us, really the boundary of humans? In my work you see the struggle with this question and I project this on my own personality.

In my video work I use myself as a test subject in a unpredictable situation. By doing this I am forced to trust on my on behavior.

On my website you see a video from a girl in the ocean. In this work I am trying to understand where my boundaries are, the mental part(our brain) or physical part(our body). If you quit, is it because you think you can’t go any further or, is it your body that says you can’t go anymore. There’s a big difference between a choice made in your brain or in your body. Your body is reacting to the situation and your brain is reacting to your experience or, what other people told you who it would be.

All my videos are experiments with research into our own boundaries. There are many boundaries such as mental, physical, social and so on. But do we really understand when we cross the boundary or do we just think we know?

In my photography, I am continuing to study the humankind. By capturing things that people create in their environment, I try to understand people more. Why we do certain things and what we actually create unconsciously. The pictures I create, are a reflection of the humankind. You see a installations that people have unknowingly created. Stacking stuff is only seen as a functional act by people, but they create a site-specific work in the middle of their living environment.

By researching the humankind in all my works I try to find answers. Answers to the reason why we behave like we do and what are the reasons for this. Are we all that autonomous that we think or are we just a herd of animals that copy to survive.