Personal information:
Name: Hester van Tongerlo
Date of Birth: 11 – 01 -1991
Place of birth: Weert
Address: Gebleektendijk 4
Zipcode: 6034RD, Nederweert-end
Country: The Netherlands
Nationality: Dutch
Mobile: +316 – 24545577

Work experience:
2016- Present: Founder & Organizer of Artist Initiative “Destination Unknown”. Organizing location, funds, Lectures & participants. Monitors order & quality. Be the contact for internally and externally.

2017: “Art art baby” part of Amusseevous. Have contributed to the design and execution of the program for youth visitors during the arts night Hasselt.

2014 – 2015: Co-founder and organizer of artist initiative “This is where we should start feeling at home” in Maastricht. Managing money, location & Participants. Monitors order & quality. Be the contact for internally and externally.

2011 – 2015: HBO Autonomous, art academy MaFAD, Maastricht.
2007 – 2011: MBO Stand, – shop,-  & décor construction (Level 4), SintLucas, Boxtel.

Residencies and nominations:
2018: Witte Rook, Breda (residencie)
2017: AG-artprize, Eindhoven (nominated)
2016: Videopower (chosen)
2016: Sea Foundation, Tilburg (residencie)
2015: Summerschool, Mobile Autonomy, Lokaal01, Antwerp

2018 Gierik, de cyborg, “#Autumnleaves”
04/2018 Wotisart? #13, “I can see how you are”
18/11/2017 Witte Rook, “Advice to the young artist # 10”
18 till 22/09/2017 Mest Magazine , #instafette
30/08/2017 Dagblad De Limburger, “Destination Unknown”
11/12/2016 “Copy Paste”
8/09/2016 Jegens en Tevens, BYOB stedelijk ,”02-12-2014”
23/07/2016 Kunstblijfteenraadsel, “Destination Unknown”.
1/06/2015 “The Eyes, They see”
18/05/2016 Dagblad De limburger, BYOB JVE ,Culture night, ”02-12-2014”
5/04/2014 Lostpainters, “This is where we should start feeling at home”.
1/04/2014 De Limburger, “This is where we should start feeling at home”.

19/05 till 08/06/2018 Solo exhibition, The Balcony, The Hague
11/06 till 24/06/2018 Solo exhibition, Witte Rook, Breda
21/09 till 23/09/2018 DU2018, Bisschop Hoensbroeckstraat, Venlo
Group Exhibition, Neves Gallery, Maastricht

23/11 till 25/01/2018 AG-prize
8/09 till 10/09/2017 DU2017, Henrijonaslaan 53/55/57, Maastricht
1/09/2017 “Amuse”, Galerie Wilms, Venlo
17/07/2017 Pulp Festival, Sittard
9/06 till 22/9/2017 “Playhouse ‘71 -’17”, Van Bommel van Dam museum, Venlo
2/06 till 5/06/2017 “No more boring art”, Kunsttour, Maastricht
27/04/2017 “Human 2.0, exploring cyborgs”, Cybart, Leuven
29/10 till 11/12/2016 “Copy Paste” Solo exhibition, Sea Foundation, Tilburg
29/10/2016 Culture Night Tilburg, Sea Foundation, Tilburg
2/09/2016 BYOB, The Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam
22/07 till 24/07/2016 DU2016, Valentijnstraat 31/33/35, Tilburg
15/04/2016 BYOB, van Eyck, Maastricht.
02/07 till 05/07/2015 “Eyes adjusting to light”, Mafad, Maastricht.
18/06/2015 “The eyes, they see” (Group publication), Caracola, Maastricht.
30/04/2015 “We will be captain (s)”
accompanied by Matylda Krzykowski, van Eyck, Maastricht.
30/01 till 14/02/2015 “OURYOURTHEIRMYSPACE” Academy Gallery, Utrecht.
14/12 till 15/03/2015 “ijzingwekkend” in Kunsthal45, Den Helder.
03/12/2014 “When people were shorter and lived near the water”
Accompanied by Paul Devens, Den Helder.
04 till 06/04/2014 “This is where we should start feeling at home”, Maastricht.
07/06/2013 Sound Expo guided by Paul Devens, Intro situ, Maastricht.